Losing a pet is devastating. They are a valued and much-loved member of the family and so it's only fitting to mark their passing with a beautiful ceremony.

They have been a constant, ever-present companion. No matter how short a time they are in our lives, our pets are there for us. Their love is all-encompassing and non-judgmental. You have relied on them, just as they have relied on you.

Bidding them farewell is painful. You've done your best for them in life, so why not in death too?


We all have our own unique story in life and your pet is no different. From rescuing them from a shelter to a four-legged companion who seemed to become part of the family without you realising.

Our pet memorial service just for dogs and cats. We write and deliver a beautiful ceremony for any pet, from birds to horses and more. 

Our love for our pets knows no bounds. Your grief at this time is all-consuming. As pet parents ourselves, we know first-hand the pain of our best friend no longer being there to greet us at the door.

Just like you bid farewell to a human loved one, do the same for your pets. Get in touch by email or call 07377 135 517.

A Story to Tell

Celebrant-Led Pet Memorial Service

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